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Solidago sempervirens – Seaside Goldenrod

Solidago sempervirens – Seaside Goldenrod

Solidago sempervirens, or Seaside Goldenrod, is a hardy perennial known for its striking yellow flowers that bloom in late summer to fall. Thriving in coastal areas with its salt tolerance and adaptability to various soils, Seaside Goldenrod is perfect for naturalized settings, wildlife gardens, and erosion control projects. Its tall, robust stems and vibrant blooms not only add color and height to garden designs but also serve as an essential nectar source for butterflies, bees, and other pollinators. Easy to grow and maintain, it’s a valuable addition for those looking to support biodiversity and add lasting beauty to their landscape.


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Common Name

Seaside Goldenrod


Herbaceous Perennial



Native Range

Eastern United States, Northeastern United States


3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Height Range (ft.)

3.00 to 6.00

Spread (ft.)

2.00 to 3.00

Bloom Time

November, October, September

Bloom Description



Full Sun


Dry, Medium



Suggested Use

Dune Restoration, Naturalize, Stormwater Management


Drought, Salt





Product Description

Discover the beauty and ecological benefits of Solidago sempervirens, commonly known as Seaside Goldenrod. This resilient perennial is celebrated for its bright, showy clusters of yellow flowers that light up the landscape from late summer through fall, providing a crucial food source for pollinators during a season when other blooms may be scarce.

Why Seaside Goldenrod?

1253 original - Solidago sempervirens - Seaside Goldenrod
Solidago sempervirens growing in a coastal environment. (Plant Image Library)
  1. Pollinator Magnet: The flowers of Seaside Goldenrod attract a wide variety of pollinators, including bees, butterflies, and birds, enhancing garden biodiversity and supporting ecosystem health.
  2. Coastal Resilience: With its natural salt tolerance and ability to thrive in sandy soils, it’s an ideal plant for coastal restoration projects and beachfront gardens, helping to stabilize soil and combat erosion.
  3. Versatile Landscape Use: Whether incorporated into wildflower meadows, used as a vibrant border plant, or added to wildlife gardens, Seaside Goldenrod brings color, texture, and environmental benefits.
  4. Low Maintenance: Once established, Seaside Goldenrod requires minimal care, making it a suitable choice for gardeners seeking sustainable and hassle-free landscaping options.

Cultivation Tips

  1. Sunlight Needs: Prefers full sun but can tolerate partial shade, especially in hot, inland areas.
  2. Soil Preferences: Adaptable to a variety of soil conditions, from poor, sandy soils to richer, well-drained loams.
  3. Watering: Drought-tolerant once established, though occasional watering during prolonged dry spells can promote optimal growth and flowering.
  4. Planting: Space plants about 18-24 inches apart to allow for natural spreading and airflow, reducing the risk of disease.
    1254 original - Solidago sempervirens - Seaside Goldenrod

    Water-color sketch of Solidago Sempervirens (1896, Biodiversity Heritage Library)
    1252 original - Solidago sempervirens - Seaside Goldenrod

    Botanical illustration depicting succulent, lance-like (lanceolate) leaves of S. sempervirens that are arranged alternately along the stem. (Carnegie Mellon)

Design Ideas and Environmental Impact

Seaside Goldenrod’s striking height and vivid yellow blooms make it an excellent choice for adding vertical interest and late-season color to any garden. Pair it with other native perennials and grasses for a dynamic, low-maintenance landscape that supports local wildlife. In coastal and erosion-prone areas, its robust root system helps to hold soil in place, playing a key role in habitat restoration and conservation efforts.

By choosing Solidago sempervirens for your garden, you’re not only embracing the aesthetic beauty of native plants but also contributing to the support of local pollinators and wildlife. Seaside Goldenrod exemplifies the harmony between garden design and ecological stewardship, making it a standout selection for gardeners committed to making a positive impact on their environment.


1187 original - Solidago sempervirens - Seaside Goldenrod   (1)

1191 original - Solidago sempervirens - Seaside Goldenrod  (2)
1193 original - Solidago sempervirens - Seaside Goldenrod   (3)
(1)  Bumble Bee (Bombus impatiens) on goldenrod (Cappaert)
(2) Sweat bee (Halictus ligatus) (Gallagher)
(3) Female monarch (Danaus plexippusin May (Harrelson)


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