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Planting Times

When is best time to plant?!

flower grow 1 - Planting Times
flower grow 1 - Planting Times
flower grow 2 - Planting Times
flower grow 3 - Planting Times
Early spring planting time at Bumbees

Early Spring (March 1 - April 15th)

Early season planting and receipt of dormant plants is the preferred method of delivery for our plants. Receipt of plants early in the season while still dormant ensures that plants will not be harmed due to handling in transit or when you are planting. Plants will ship dormant in their containers and properly rooted plants are inspected for proper structure by our growers prior to shipment. Many perennials – including grasses and ferns will “die back” during the winter and emerge fresh in the spring. It is strongly preferred to ship dormant plants during this time period for best success in your garden.
late spring planting - Planting Times

Mid to Late Spring (April 15th - June 15th)

OK.  We get it – this is the time when most of us finally get to addressing our gardens in the spring months. This is still a fantastic time to plant but it’s a little trickier early on. The reason is trickier is because we can still get a cold freeze in the later part of April and although it is unlikely to kill your cold hardy perennials, if they are coming out of our greenhouses we must be mindful of the late frost events. When placing your order we will address this with you and depending on the item you’re looking to purchase we may advise shipping post frost dates if items are tender. Once we get past the last frost date you’re in another great planting time. This time of year – more top growth on perennials will be showing – although some species will still be small such as (Hay Scented Fern). A little patience and warmer weather will quickly have our plants looking prime, get them in the ground and properly hydrated and you’ll have an almost instant gratification garden to enjoy.
summer planting - Planting Times

Late Spring / Early Summer (June 15th - September 30th)

Nothing wrong with planting during this time period, as long as you’re prepared for hot windy days. Hot windy days and plants typically don’t pair well together. If you are planting in a spot that fits this criteria you may wish to wait until cooler days prevail in the fall or be prepared with adequate irrigation solutions.   If you are planting in the shade – go for it!

fall planting - Planting Times

Fall (October - December)

Fantastic time to get plants into the ground. For the most part we are looking at adding plants for the following years to enjoy. This time of year allows you to get some gratification out of your install without the worry of weather or not your plants are going to be able to withstand temperature extremes and drought like conditions of summer. Get your garden in shape and GO WILD!