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Shady Meadow 15 Pack

Shady Meadow 15 Pack

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The Shady Meadow 15-Pack is designed to rejuvenate shaded landscapes with a curated selection of 2 native grass species, Carex pensylvanica and Deschampsia caespitosa, alongside the perennial beauty Aquilegia canadensis.

This combination pack introduces a lush, meadow-like feel to shady gardens, providing texture, color, and year-round interest.

Ideal for gardeners looking to create naturalized, low-maintenance areas that support local wildlife and pollinators, these species thrive in shaded environments, offering an effortless blend of ornamental appeal and ecological benefits.


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Product Description

Introducing the Shady Meadow 15-Pack, a thoughtfully assembled collection of native grasses and a perennial specifically chosen for their compatibility with shaded gardens. This pack includes Carex pensylvanica (Pennsylvania Sedge), Deschampsia caespitosa (Tufted Hair Grass), and Aquilegia canadensis (Wild Columbine), each bringing its unique charm and benefits to create a serene, meadow-inspired landscape in areas where sunlight is scarce.

Contents of the Shady Meadow 15-Pack

  • Carex pensylvanica: Known for its fine-textured foliage and ground-covering capabilities, Pennsylvania Sedge creates a lush, green carpet in shaded areas.
  • Deschampsia caespitosa: Tufted Hair Grass adds height and movement with its feathery plumes and graceful, clumping form, thriving in partial shade.
  • Aquilegia canadensis: Wild Columbine introduces vibrant color with its nodding red and yellow flowers, attracting hummingbirds and beneficial insects to the shade garden.

Why Choose the Shady Meadow 15-Pack?

  • Diverse Habitat: This collection supports a range of wildlife, offering food and shelter with its variety of plant types.
  • Year-Round Interest: Enjoy seasonal changes, from the lush greenery of Carex and Deschampsia to the spring and early summer blooms of Aquilegia.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, these native plants require minimal care, thriving in shady conditions and adapting to a variety of soil types.
  • Eco-Friendly Garden Solution: By planting natives, you’re contributing to the local ecosystem’s health, supporting biodiversity, and reducing the need for fertilizers and pesticides.

Garden Design and Planting Tips

The Shady Meadow 15-Pack is perfect for filling in shaded corners, under trees, or along north-facing walls where traditional sun-loving plants struggle. Plant in groups for a naturalized look, or use as accents in a shade perennial bed. Consider the mature sizes of each species for optimal spacing and aesthetic balance.

Supporting Local Ecosystems

Creating a garden with native plants like those in the Shady Meadow 15-Pack not only beautifies your space but also plays a crucial role in supporting local pollinators, birds, and insects. You’re helping to sustain the natural food web and promote a healthier environment right in your backyard.

Embrace the beauty and simplicity of native gardening with the Shady Meadow 15-Pack. This carefully curated collection offers an ideal way to enhance the ecological value and aesthetic appeal of your garden, ensuring a thriving, shaded oasis that benefits both you and the local wildlife.


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