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Hummingbird Pollinator Garden Starter Pack (9 Pack)

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Hummingbird Pollinator Garden Starter Pack (9 Pack)

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The Hummingbird Pollinator Garden Starter Pack includes a total of 9 plants that attract hummingbirds: (3) Aquilegia canadensis (Wild Columbine / Canadian Columbine), (3) Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beardtongue), and (3) Liatris spicata (Blazing Star).

These plants provide vibrant blooms and a rich nectar source from spring through summer, making them perfect for borders, meadows, or as standalone features in any garden.

Thriving in a variety of conditions, this collection is an easy way to support local wildlife and enjoy the beauty of hummingbirds in your outdoor space.


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Product Description

Introducing our Hummingbird Pollinator Garden Starter Pack, a specially curated collection of three native plants designed to transform your garden into a hummingbird haven. This pack includes the following species, each renowned for their ability to attract hummingbirds with their colorful, nectar-rich flowers:

  1. Aquilegia canadensis (Wild Columbine / Canadian Columbine): Known for its delicate, nodding flowers in shades of red and yellow, Columbine blooms in spring, providing an early source of nectar.
  2. Penstemon digitalis (Foxglove Beardtongue): This species features tall spikes of white to pale pink flowers, blooming in late spring to early summer. Its tubular flowers are perfectly shaped for hummingbird feeding.
  3. Liatris spicata (Blazing Star): With striking purple spiky flowers that bloom in mid to late summer, Blazing Star ensures a continued food source for hummingbirds throughout the growing season.

Why This Collection?

  • Diverse Blooming Periods: Designed to offer a succession of blooms, ensuring that hummingbirds have a consistent source of nectar from spring through summer.
  • Pollinator Support: Besides attracting hummingbirds, these plants also welcome bees and butterflies, enhancing garden biodiversity.
  • Adaptability: These hardy natives are suitable for a wide range of garden settings, from full sun to partial shade, and are tolerant of various soil types.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, these plants require minimal care, allowing you to enjoy their beauty and the presence of hummingbirds without extensive gardening work.

Gardening with Purpose

Creating a space that supports pollinators is more important than ever. By choosing the Hummingbird Pollinator Garden Starter Pack, you’re contributing to the health of your local ecosystem while enjoying the mesmerizing sight of hummingbirds visiting your garden. These plants are not only beautiful but also play a crucial role in providing habitats and food for pollinators.

Incorporate this collection into your garden to enjoy the dual benefits of stunning floral displays and a lively atmosphere teeming with hummingbirds and other pollinators. It’s a simple step that makes a significant impact on wildlife support and adds a vibrant layer of beauty to your outdoor space.


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