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Monarda didyma – Scarlet Beebalm

Monarda didyma – Scarlet Beebalm

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Scarlet Beebalm, a native North American perennial, showcases vibrant scarlet-red tubular flowers that attract pollinators like bees and butterflies. With a moderate height ranging from 2 to 4 feet and a spread of 1 to 2 feet, this low-maintenance herbaceous plant thrives in full sun to partial shade. Ideal for pollinator gardens, cottage gardens, and borders, Scarlet Beebalm adds a splash of color and fragrance to your outdoor space while tolerating deer and rabbits.


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Common Name

Scarlet Beebalm


Herbaceous Perennial




4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

Native Range

North America

Height Range (ft.)

2.00 to 4.00

Spread (ft.)

1.00 to 2.00

Bloom Time

Early Fall, Summer

Bloom Description



Full Sun, Part Shade





Suggested Use



Deer, Rabbits





Product Description

Discover the enchanting Monarda didyma – Scarlet Beebalm, a vibrant addition to any garden that will captivate with its rich hues and ecological benefits.

Why Scarlet Beebalm?

  • Dazzling Appearance: Admire the brilliant scarlet-red blooms that adorn this perennial, attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies to your garden.
  • Versatile Usage: Perfect for borders, wildflower gardens, or as a striking focal point in mixed flower beds, adding a burst of color and attracting beneficial wildlife.
  • Low Maintenance: Once established, Scarlet Beebalm is drought-tolerant and resistant to pests and diseases, making it a hassle-free addition to your outdoor space.
  • Extended Bloom Time: Enjoy an extended flowering period from late spring to early fall, providing continuous beauty and nectar for pollinators throughout the growing season.

Cultivation Tips

  • Light Requirements: Thrives in full sun to partial shade, although partial shade is recommended in hotter climates to prevent leaf scorch.
  • Soil Conditions: Prefers well-drained, fertile soil but can adapt to various soil types, including loamy and clay soils.
  • Watering Needs: Keep the soil consistently moist, especially during dry spells, to promote healthy growth and vibrant blooms.
  • Spacing: Plant 12-18 inches apart to allow ample room for spreading and ensure good air circulation around the plants.

Design Ideas for Your Garden

Enhance your garden’s visual appeal by incorporating Scarlet Beebalm in various ways. Create stunning borders by planting it alongside other perennials with contrasting foliage colors, or use it as a backdrop for shorter plants to showcase its vibrant blooms. You can also plant it in clusters for a bold statement or in containers for a portable burst of color on patios or balconies.

Ecological Benefits

Beyond its aesthetic charm, Scarlet Beebalm contributes to the ecosystem by attracting pollinators and beneficial insects, aiding in pollination and pest control. Its aromatic foliage also deters deer and rabbits, making it a deer-resistant plant option for gardens in wildlife-prone areas.

Embrace the vibrant allure of Monarda didyma – Scarlet Beebalm in your garden landscape. Whether for its stunning appearance, ecological value, or low-maintenance nature, this perennial is sure to bring joy and beauty to your outdoor environment.


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