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Davallia tyermanii – White Rabbit Foot Fern

Davallia tyermanii – White Rabbit Foot Fern

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Davallia tyermanii has the typical fern look with an added kick to it. It has wide fronds with fluctuating pinnae on both sides of the plant’s stem. The fronds, or leaves, of the Rabbit Foot Fern, are usually very green in color. Although, the pigmentation can vary depending on the plant’s health. Much like the Boston fern, the fronds in this plant will cascade over and grow to approximately 2 ft.


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“The delicate feather-like leaflets and stem of the Rabbit Foot Fern grow attached to a shallow root structure, better known as rhizoids. These fuzzy and hairy roots will be anywhere from a yellow, brown, white, or even silverish in color. Which is why they are believed to resemble a rabbit’s foot and are the most distinctive feature of this species. The rhizoids will grow over the soil or surface and also slither over the sides.


“Davallia tyermanii is a species of plant native to tropical regions of Fiji. In nature, it will usually be seen growing on moss-covered trees and rocks of subtropical forests. A Rabbit Foot Fern will attach itself to the surfaces using its rhizoids and retrieve the nutrients it needs through the air and rain around it. Like most other ferns, it is usually found in humid environments.


“Rabbit Foot Ferns do well in warm temperature, but can also tolerate cooler settings. If the temperature falls below 55°F, the plant’s fronds might begin to change in color and die off. As soon as the fern is given warmer temperatures, new ferns will begin to grow. The ideal temperatures for the Rabbit Foot fern to thrive in ranges between 60 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.” (Bantam Earth)

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