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Ilex crenata ‘Nigra’ – Upright Japanese Holly

Ilex crenata ‘Nigra’ – Upright Japanese Holly

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Ilex crenata ‘Nigra’, or Upright Japanese Holly, is a compact evergreen shrub cherished for its dark green, glossy leaves that provide year-round interest and structure to any garden.

Perfect for creating formal hedges, privacy screens, or as a standalone specimen, ‘Nigra’ offers a versatile and attractive solution to landscaping challenges. This cultivar is noted for its upright growth habit, making it an excellent choice for tight spaces or as an accent in mixed borders.

With its resistance to pests and diseases and low maintenance requirements, Upright Japanese Holly ‘Nigra’ is a durable and beautiful addition to both residential and commercial landscapes.


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6-Pack, 9-Pack, Single

Common Name

Upright Japanese Holly



Native Range




Height Range (ft.)


Spread (ft.)



Full Sun, Part Shade





Suggested Use

Foundation, Hedge


Air Pollution, Deer, Drought

Product Description

Introducing Ilex crenata ‘Nigra’, the Upright Japanese Holly, a distinguished evergreen shrub that brings elegance and structure to landscapes throughout the year. With its deep, dark green foliage and compact, upright growth, ‘Nigra’ is highly sought after for its adaptability and ornamental value.

Why Ilex crenata ‘Nigra’?

  1. Year-Round Beauty: The rich green, glossy leaves of ‘Nigra’ maintain their color and vibrancy throughout all seasons, offering a consistent and appealing landscape feature.
  2. Formal and Versatile: Ideal for formal hedges, privacy screens, or architectural accents in garden designs, its upright growth habit allows it to fit well in a variety of settings, including foundation plantings and container gardens.
  3. Easy Care: ‘Nigra’ is resilient against common pests and diseases and is relatively low maintenance, requiring only occasional pruning to maintain its shape and promote denser growth.
  4. Space Efficient: Its compact size and upright form make it a perfect choice for areas where space is limited, providing greenery and privacy without spreading too wide.

Cultivation and Maintenance

  1. Light Requirements: Thrives in full sun to partial shade, adaptable to various light conditions.
  2. Soil Preferences: Prefers well-drained, slightly acidic soil but is versatile enough to grow in a range of soil types.
  3. Watering: While drought-tolerant once established, regular watering during dry periods will keep it looking its best.
  4. Pruning: Prune in late winter or early spring to shape and encourage denser foliage.

Designing with Ilex crenata ‘Nigra’

Upright Japanese Holly ‘Nigra’ can be used to add vertical interest to mixed borders, serve as a refined backdrop for flowering plants, or create a dense, evergreen hedge that provides year-round privacy. Its elegant appearance also makes it suitable for formal garden settings or as a focal point in minimalist landscape designs.

By choosing Ilex crenata ‘Nigra’ for your garden or landscape project, you’re selecting a plant that combines beauty with functionality. Whether used for its aesthetic appeal or practical benefits, ‘Nigra’ is sure to enhance any outdoor space with its timeless elegance and ease of care.”


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